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Bluetooth and NFC Speaker

One of our customers needed a very affordable Speaker with both Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) for their largest customer.  We were able to source exactly what they needed, created custom packaging and handle all delivery to their customer on our customer's behalf.   Contact Us today to see if we can help!
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Cellular Dual-Band Booster Amplifier

The RF Engineering's RFAMP-819L is a dual band booster with high gain performance. It has an automatic gain control capability, a signal strength meter, warning light for oscillation issues and an automatic shutoff for oscillation feedback protection. This unit has a N-Female connector installed and is CE approved. One power supply is included.   Contact…
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5.1-5.85GHz 14dBi Dual Pol Panel Antenna

RF Engineering's RFPA-5159-14D30 is a combined high gain, 30° beamwidth, Dual Polarity,panel antenna. It is designed to work in the 5 GHz frequency band. ■ IP66 Waterproof ■ UV Protected Radome ■ Vertical/Horizontal Installation Capability ■RoHS Compliant   Contact Us today to see if we can help!
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