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Different Types of Microwave Antennas You Might Want To Know About

There are different types of microwave antennas that are proven critical in any microwave network. While many types are available to meet different mechanical and electrical requirements, the most common type used for terrestrial microwave networks is the parabolic. However, there are also less frequently used such as the dielectric lens, flat panel, horn, sector, […]

Here’s Why You Should Consider IPTV Over Regular TV

We live in an era of technological advancements. In fact, we’ve become increasingly dependent on the Internet for almost everything—from communicating to entertaining—that we invest in every innovation out there to help us get the most of our Internet connection.   If you have a television, you’ve probably been using Internet Protocol Television or IPTV […]

The Only Guide You’ll Need to Learn about Wi-Fi extenders

The United States is undeniably one of the biggest online markets in the world with more than 312 million users. In fact, Americans love their Internet connection so much that there are 152,069 available Wi-Fi locations across the country and 75.23% of the population already has access to an Internet connection. If you’re one of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Your IPTV Set-Top Box

Television consumption has become more than just a pastime in America. Over the years, Americans have grown to love the escape and pleasure that their television screens have given them. In fact, there are already 119.9 million TV households in the US as of the 2018-19 TV season where an individual spends at least three […]

Different Modern Uses of Microwave Radios

The revolutionary microwave telecommunication system was demonstrated in the 1930s, and practically during World War II with the development of the radar. Recently, the use of the microwave spectrum by new telecommunication technologies like direct-broadcast satellites and wireless networks has increased exponentially through broadcast radio and television directly to consumer homes.     Microwaves are […]

Basic Information on Isotropic and Omni Antennas

Antennas serve as the first receiving point and the last exit point in a satellite transmission system. They can transmit and receive from all directions (these are known as omni antennas) or in a particular direction (like those used in television broadcasting).     Antenna Basics An isotropic antenna is a hypothetical antenna. It emits the […]

Why Are Microwaves Used for Satellite Communication?

What would we do without television or the internet? How can one relax after a stressful day at work without the television? How can one catch up with friends and family or binge-watch that latest series on streaming services without the internet?   All of the activities mentioned above require communications satellites. These satellites make […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Wi-Fi Range Extenders

Having a good WiFi signal at home or in the office has become imperative these days. With the increasing need for a good internet connection to perform various activities, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are looking for ways to make their WiFi signals more reliable and solid. The answer to this is […]

What Makes High Directional Gain Antennas Better?

In the world of antennas, sector antennas are said to be some of the best on the market because of their high directional gain. This means that they offer more precision in targeting radio signals and their narrow radio beams offer better signal strength. This is why high-gain antennas are preferred in space missions and […]