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Microwave Antennas: Understanding the Pros and Cons

Over the years, microwave antennas have gained more prominence as the preferred device for transmitting broadcasting signals as well as radar and radio astronomy. In fact, 35% of all terrestrial communication uses microwave radio relay systems that use frequencies between 500 MHz to 300 GHz and operating between 15 miles to 4,000 miles.


But microwave antennas also come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look:


The Pros


Low costs


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using a microwave antenna is its low cost. Microwave communication systems are known for being cost-efficient from construction to maintenance, which is why a lot of companies prefer them to other options. This is mainly due to the fact that a microwave communication system doesn’t need any attenuation device or physical cables, which add to the cost of using wireline systems.


Microwave transmission towers can also be placed strategically on rooftops, hills and even mountains to make them as efficient as their counterparts but not as expensive. This is why it’s no wonder why more companies are now replacing their old systems with microwave antennas.


Efficient transmission


More than the cost, microwave communication systems are popular for their efficiency in transmitting even huge quantities of data due to their high frequencies.


Microwave antennas get even more efficient when used together with microwave repeaters that allow them to transmit data even in extremely long distances. Repeaters work by transmitting the signal to one antenna, converting that message into an electric signal and transmitting it again as a full-strength microwave signal.


Microwave radio systems are known for their capability to transmit thousands of data channels without the need for physical cables or fiber optics. This makes them a more convenient option for companies that are looking for efficiency and low cost in their transmission systems.


The Cons




Despite their efficiency in transmitting signals, microwave radio systems are still susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can degrade or obstruct the efficiency of microwave signals.


This is why it’s very important to check if there are electric power transmission lines, electric motors, wind turbines, and other devices that emit EMI near a microwave radio system to make sure that it’s efficiency isn’t affected in any way.


Rain fade, which is heavy moisture caused by rain, snow, and fog could also cause interference to the transmission of microwave radio signals.


Solid objects


One of the biggest challenges for microwave radio systems is the fact that microwave signals cannot pass through solid objects. This means that when a transmission system is placed near tall buildings or mountainous areas, there may be difficulties or delays in sending signals from one point to the other.


There is also the problem of signals being bounced off of solid objects, which could be addressed by using repeaters between two towers if there are any solid objects nearby blocking the signal.


There is definitely so much to learn about microwave antennas and the best way to know if they are the right devices to use is to determine your exact needs and assess the downsides of using this type of system.


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Intracom Telecom penetrates deeper into the USA market


The management of Intracom Telecom, among which was the President and CEO of Intracom Telecom Group, M. Ahmed and the new CEO of Conklin-Intracom, D. Chanana, conducted a very fruitful meeting this week with RF Engineering, a US based firm headquartered in Portage Michigan. A collaboration agreement was signed between the two companies, through which RF Engineering, a Value Added Reseller, will distribute our systems across the USA. More details on the agreement will officially be announced soon. This is a great step towards Intracom Telecom’s multi-purpose strategy, showing that the company’s goal to solidify its presence in the US market becomes a reality. It is noteworthy that the agreement was a result of extensive and determined follow up from the MWC Americas event that took place last September in LA. Leaving with a great impression from their visit at our company’s HQ, representatives from RF Engineering continued their journey to our production facilities in Romania, in order to get a better understanding of the Group’s capabilities and in Italy for the antenna systems. This collaboration will give both sides the opportunity to take full advantage of the available expertise, channels and resources, developing this way successful projects in the USA.


RF Engineering signs agreement with broadcom

RF Engineering is excited to announce Alliance Corporation joins our distribution team of RF Engineering products.

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RF Engineering’s New World Headquarters

RF Engineering a leader in Antenna Design, Antenna Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing, and Product Sourcing is excited to announce they are moving to their new World Headquarters located in Portage, Michigan.

Acquisition and Modification to the building began in Q2 of this year with a result being a redesign of the warehouse, the addition of two (2) antenna assembly lines, RF testing capabilities, a new clean room, and a complete facelift of the 22 offices, reception and meetings areas.  A complete technology upgrade was completed to ensure security and a unified communication platform for real-time communication between Portage and the teams in Mexico and China.

Stay tuned for more information.


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