General Engineering And Design

RF Engineering develops projects with the ease of manufacturing in mind. We give our customers a quality product and tool without jeopardizing design or assembly. RF Engineering is capable of all ranges of design management, from a single part design, to turnkey programs. Our focus is on delivering a creative and innovative product through collaboration with our customers.


RF Engineering offers design services to help you design and build a custom solution to meet your requirements. Our experience allows us to take on all stages of product and tooling development. We can take a napkin sketch and turn it into a production reality, or aid in recommendations for mold-ability and ease of manufacturing. Click Here to begin a conversation about how we can help


RF Engineering design support capabilities include:

CAD Software: AutoCAD®, SolidWorks® (3D Modeler)

CAM Software: EdgeCAM®

In addition to state-of-the-art RF & microwave circuit and component design capabilities, RF Engineering can also provide prototyping, RF circuit troubleshooting, and testing to specified parameters.

To learn more about our RF and microwave design services, please Click Here. Our design engineering team will review your information and contact you with product recommendations and additional information.


RF Engineering can design and build components and subsystems with power levels from a few hundred watts to over a megawatt in power. We design, build, and test in frequencies that range from kilohertz to over 60 GHz.

We have the ability to perform high power/high voltage testing of RF assemblies, vacuum tubes, industrial power tubes, CW magnetrons, microwave heads and microwave generators. RF Engineering’s vertical integration allows us to utilize our design, manufacturing and testing capabilities to meet your needs.

Every project, regardless of size or complexity, involves change and requires management. At RF Engineering, we work with our customers to define the objectives and completion dates. It is then our responsibility to manage and complete your projects based on the criteria established.

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RF Engineering provides customers with years of leadership and experience in advanced PCB Assembly technology, with proven processes and a full range of services. From prototyping, low volume high mix to high volume global manufacturing, we provide PCBA services in facilities located in the Americans and Asia.

RF Engineering is a recognized leader, developing the latest PCBA and surface mount (SMT) capabilities.

PCBA Manufacturing Technologies

Through Hole                                                     Chip on Board

Automated PTH Assembly                                      Die attach

Press fit connectors                                                  Aluminum Wedge bonding

Wave & Selective soldering                                     Flip Chip


Surface Mount (SMT)                                      Inspection and Testing

QFPs                                                                            SPI

uBGAs                                                                         AOI

CSPs                                                                            Flying Probe

CCGAs                                                                         X-ray

BGAs (including double sided)                               ICT

0201sConvection reflow w/nitrogen                      BIT



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