Outsourcing and Sourcing

RF Engineering and our Chinese partners specialize in doing business in China. We provide focused, feasible and affordable professional business services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs helping them implement cost savings and minimizing risks while achieving business success sourcing from and outsourcing to China.

China can offer substantial cost saving to overseas companies, manufacturers and entrepreneurs and having the right partner is the difference between a successful and profitable project and one that fizzles out over time. To be successful in China it is important to have preexisting relationships, a local presence, knowledge, expertise and experience that all help in finding the product you need or completing the build in a timely manner. Not all products are right for sourcing or manufacturing in China and having a trusted partner to tell you that is invaluable.

The advantage of working with RF Engineering is we have the right combination of strong local partners in China, in depth knowledge, experience, and expertise of how to work in the Chinese business environment. To work successfully in China to need to have 'guanxi' networks with local business sectors, manufacturers, factories, government and a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture, local laws, policies, regulations, tax issues and business practice. All these things allow RF Engineering to be the one of the most qualified China business service firms in the USA. With offices in Guangzhou, China to help our clients overcome difficulties and barriers when sourcing, manufacturing and doing business in China.

Our multi-disciplined, multilingual and highly experienced China manufacturing, sourcing & outsourcing team are dedicated in ensuring your China business needs are fully understood and successful. The RF Engineering team will collaborate and work closely with you to help you capitalizing on opportunities in China that will help you significantly reduce costs, better manage risks and maximize profit by getting the job done right the first time.


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