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The Five Types of Microwave Antennas and What They’re Used For

Microwave antennas are known for broadcasting transmissions between two or more locations, making them crucial elements for any microwave network. They’ve been used for many years in radio and communication systems and they are becoming more significant tools in these areas as the demand for their efficiency increases. Because of their important function, microwave antennas […]

Wi-Fi and LTE: Which Is Better?

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. It is where we search for information, make purchases and connect with people that matter most to us, and all that is made possible by our Wi-Fi connections. For many years, Wi-Fi networks were a reliable source of Internet connectivity for both private and business […]

Microwave Radio Waves

What are Microwave Radio Waves? Radio waves’ are electromagnetic waves used in different forms of wireless communication such as television, radios, and mobile phones. These devices convert the microwave radio waves mechanical vibrations in the speaker to make sound waves. According to NASA, radio waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from […]

A Closer Look at Omni-Directional versus Directional Antennas

In the highly technical world of cellphone signal boosters, there are several components that might seem completely unfamiliar to most of us, one of which is an outside antenna that comes in two types, Omni antennas and directional or yagi antennas. What’s the difference between the two?     Omnidirectional antennas   In essence, an […]

Microwave Antennas: Understanding the Pros and Cons

Over the years, microwave antennas have gained more prominence as the preferred device for transmitting broadcasting signals as well as radar and radio astronomy. In fact, 35% of all terrestrial communication uses microwave radio relay systems that use frequencies between 500 MHz to 300 GHz and operating between 15 miles to 4,000 miles.   But […]

LTE technology and how it compares with 4G and 5G

When it comes to telecommunication, there are several standards of technology used. This is where the terms 4G, 5G, or LTE are used, depending on the type of service a network provides. There are differences between all three types of wireless broadband communication for data terminals and mobile devices. The most obvious of which are […]

Different Types of Microwave Antennas You Might Want To Know About

There are different types of microwave antennas that are proven critical in any microwave network. While many types are available to meet different mechanical and electrical requirements, the most common type used for terrestrial microwave networks is the parabolic. However, there are also less frequently used such as the dielectric lens, flat panel, horn, sector, […]

Here’s Why You Should Consider IPTV Over Regular TV

We live in an era of technological advancements. In fact, we’ve become increasingly dependent on the Internet for almost everything—from communicating to entertaining—that we invest in every innovation out there to help us get the most of our Internet connection.   If you have a television, you’ve probably been using Internet Protocol Television or IPTV […]