iptv set-top box

Television consumption has become more than just a pastime in America. Over the years, Americans have grown to love the escape and pleasure that their television screens have given them. In fact, there are already 119.9 million TV households in the US as of the 2018-19 TV season where an individual spends at least three hours watching TV daily. But while television sets are an essential part of your household, you may not know much about its other parts including that IPTV set-top box that you may already have at home or you’re considering buying to enhance your viewing experience.



What is IPTV?


Internet Protocol Television is a form of TV content delivery that is done over Internet Protocol networks instead of the traditional satellite, cable or terrestrial formats. This means that IPTV uses your standard Internet connection to send movies and shows to your television.  IPTV is also different in the way that it broadcasts shows. If satellite broadcasts show following a specific schedule, IPTV comes in three formats: time-shifted media, video on demand and live television.



Time-shifted media gives you the option to catch up on TV shows that you missed because you were out of the house. It also allows you to replay a running TV show from the beginning if you missed it. Live television, on the other hand, is similar to your regular television while video on demand means the ability to browse through video content stored in a media catalog.




What is an IPTV set-top box?


Since most televisions are not equipped for IPTV yet, you will need to invest in a set-top box to be able to enjoy this service. An IPTV set-top box or set-top unit is a device that translates information that you receive from your Internet connection into a format that’s readable by your television. It generally has a TV-tuner input, an external source of the signal and display output to your television set.




What are the important features of an IPTV set-top box?


A conventional IPTV set-top box may have almost the same features as a cable box, but these additions are what makes it extra unique:





If you’re out of the house when your favorite TV show comes up, this feature may come in handy because it allows you to switch between channels at your preferred time so you can record that show on your recorder.



Parental lock and content filter


With the amount of content that the younger generation is consuming these days, having a parental lock and content filter feature can really be beneficial in your household. It allows you to filter what your children can and cannot watch on your TV by giving you control to block channels that are not appropriate for them.



Multi-purpose remote control


Some IPTV set-top boxes come with remote controls that also allows you to control the basic functions of your television like turning it on and off, switching between channels and adjusting volumes.



So, are you ready to give IPTV a try? It is the future of video, after all.




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