The management of Intracom Telecom, among which was the President and CEO of Intracom Telecom Group, M. Ahmed and the new CEO of Conklin-Intracom, D. Chanana, conducted a very fruitful meeting this week with RF Engineering, a US based firm headquartered in Portage Michigan. A collaboration agreement was signed between the two companies, through which RF Engineering, a Value Added Reseller, will distribute our systems across the USA. More details on the agreement will officially be announced soon. This is a great step towards Intracom Telecom’s multi-purpose strategy, showing that the company’s goal to solidify its presence in the US market becomes a reality. It is noteworthy that the agreement was a result of extensive and determined follow up from the MWC Americas event that took place last September in LA. Leaving with a great impression from their visit at our company’s HQ, representatives from RF Engineering continued their journey to our production facilities in Romania, in order to get a better understanding of the Group’s capabilities and in Italy for the antenna systems. This collaboration will give both sides the opportunity to take full advantage of the available expertise, channels and resources, developing this way successful projects in the USA.