wi-fi extenders

Having a good WiFi signal at home or in the office has become imperative these days. With the increasing need for a good internet connection to perform various activities, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are looking for ways to make their WiFi signals more reliable and solid. The answer to this is a WiFi range extender. But how exactly do Wi-Fi extenders work?


Here are Five Things you Need to Know:


Signal Amplification

Wi-Fi extenders work simply by receiving your existing signal where it amplifies it before transmitting it. This means that you get to double the coverage area of your network so it covers every corner of your home or office and even reaches different floors. By amplifying a weak signal, a WiFi extender will allow all wireless devices within its expanded coverage are to connect to your network and it has been proven to reach even your backyard making it a great investment for boosting your signal.


A WiFi extender works once a connection between the router and your wireless device is established. So, if you have a mobile phone and you want to connect to the internet without using up too much data, it’s smart to turn your router on. The extender then captures the transmission, amplifies it and pushes it back to your mobile phone where the signal is recognized and a connection is established. This means that you can browse the web even when you’re far away from your router and in areas in your home or office where you may not have had an internet connection.



Wi-fi extenders, boosters, and repeaters are essentially the same because they’re all used to boost WiFi coverage. But not every extender works the same, so it’s very important to choose one that fits your needs best. Do your research first and look at your options before choosing a kit that will best address your needs for better WiFi coverage.


Use and Installation

Investing in a WiFi extender is a lot better than purchasing extra cables and networking accessories just to improve signal strengths within your home or business premises. With the help of an extender, you can guarantee that signal is bounced to more areas across your house or office and you get to enjoy the same speed for browsing even in the farthest corners of your space.


To be able to install a WiFi extender in your home or office, you will need a couple of things like Ethernet ports and antennas. You also need to determine the right area in your house to place your extender because it needs to be plugged into an outlet and placed on a secure surface. You can also mount it on a wall for better coverage.



Now that you know the basics of how Wi-Fi extenders work, it will surely be a lot easier to decide if you need one for your home or office or not. And if you’re ready to purchase a WiFi extender for your space, make sure to trust only the best manufacturer to guarantee the best results possible.




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