rf engineering - electrical manufacturing

For many years, RF Engineering has been the go-to supplier for various telecommunications products and services. Headquartered in Portage, Michigan, the company has a team of engineering and quality control specialists that work with original equipment manufacturers in providing branded solutions that meet the needs of clients.



Cable and Wire Harness Assembly


When it comes to manufacturing and assembling cable harness assemblies, harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies and turnkey box builds, RF Engineering is considered one of the best in the business.


Its facilities in Portage, Michigan and China are fully equipped with the latest technology and has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including in-line wire marking, high-speed, automated wire processing, cable braiding for harsh environments and semi-automated terminal crimping to meet the specific needs of clients.


The company also offers added services to ensure the production of high quality cable assembly products used in different industries.



Electronic Manufacturing Services


For many years, RF Engineering has been the company of choice for clients requiring Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). From small production of prototypes to large quantities of products using heavily automated manufacturing, the company can cater to the needs of both small and large businesses, offering a personal approach every time. Its capabilities include design, assembly, production, testing and supply chain management.



Contract Manufacturing


With its capability of dealing with non-electronic manufacturing services, RF Engineering is the trusted contract manufacturer for many companies across the country. It can provide quotes for products made in the USA or offshore and boasts of a diverse facility that can cater to the needs of a company.



Turnkey Manufacturing


One of RF Engineering’s strong suits is turnkey manufacturing. Its attention to detail and commitment to delivering a company’s products, components or assemblies in the most cost-effective manner has made it a trusted partner of many businesses in the country.


RF Engineering follows a strict protocol in delivering the requirements of its clients and only uses experienced Asian and North American facilities to procure and manufacture the materials needed to create, test and package a product. To ensure that only the best products are created, RF Engineering imposes strict quality control measures like computerized inventory control and accurate lot traceability.



Private Label Manufacturing


With five partner sites in North America and Asia and a team of highly skilled professionals, RF Engineering offers private label manufacturing services specializing in industrial and graphic design, sourcing, patented products, packaging, project management and brand and line extension. It can also supply personal electronic products such as smart phones, tablets, cables, alarm systems, GPS trackers and Wifi antennas under its client’s brand.



The company also has strong partners in China to help small and medium-sized businesses establish good sourcing and outsourcing roots in the country to help them cut costs and minimize risks.




RF Engineering is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the world of telecommunications. Its expertise, top-of-the-line facilities and commitment to helping businesses find the most cost-efficient solutions to their needs make it one of the most reputable partners in the country today. Contact us today for more information!